Wear real shoes.

It’s still warm enough here in Texas to think about wearing sandals, probably not enough to worry too much about this topic, but it’s a pet peeve of mine. Can acupuncture treat plantar fasciitis? Sure. But in my experience, it is not a terrifically comfortable treatment and such an easily preventable pain. To prevent plantar fasciitis flare-ups, wear shoes with heel support. And arch support, and enough cushioning. Almost everyone I’ve ever seen with plantar fasciitis came in wearing backless shoes. No. Just, no.

I also maintain that flip flops should never be worn by people who value their feet. Not only do they offer no support, but the way they are designed is a recipe for bunions. Pain we can deal with, but once your feet are structurally deformed like that, there really isn’t an easy way to straighten them out, and you’ll never be able to find shoes that fit right again.

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