product pitch: compression stockings

A tip for my retail working friends, and with holiday temp season upon us, there may be more of you!

You might think they look silly, but so do varicose veins, and so does your face when you’re wearing that end of the day grimace. Compression stockings now come in different styles and colors; they don’t have to be your old white nurse’s stockings. I know, I hate pantyhose, too. You still get some benefit with knee highs and thigh highs. I haven’t tried many brands, but I’ve found AmesWalker to have the best prices.

I discovered these when I worked retail; 8 hours on my feet on a concrete floor, Danskos or not, my feet, legs, and back killed me by the end of the shift. If I wore compression socks or hose, I was such a happier person. Your heart pumps blood out. Gravity tends to keep it there, pooled in your feet and calves. The pressure of the stockings with the movement of your legs really helps to keep circulation going. Where there is blockage there is pain! What do you have to lose?

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