When silence is not golden

I came across this on Work Awesome and had to repost it. In a nutshell, how lack of feedback makes us paranoid.

As for me, I try to conduct my sessions in a more or less neutral fashion, so sometimes you fill in the blanks on what I’m thinking. Don’t, really. I don’t care if you didn’t shave your legs or ate junk food or drank too much. I used to be a computer nerd, so half the time it’s just lousy conversational skills, and the other half I’m processing the information you’ve given me and trying to figure out what is the optimal thing for me to do for you.

As for you, some of you won’t like me or what I do. It’s freaking needles, and it’s not for everyone. It’s not an instacure, and a lot of people just don’t have time or can’t afford to keep coming until they really get better. (If it’s the latter, please tell me. I really want it to be possible for you to get the care you need!) And maybe you’re put off by my aforementioned lapse in conversational skills or something. I’ll try not to obsess. But it is nice when I get feedback. Why do you think I do this, anyway?

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