Thankful for my mom

Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving holiday? I had a pleasantly uneventful couple of days. I did catch up with my mother on the phone, and she tells me her blood pressure is getting back to normal. “I’m not doing anything different, but I never was,” she reports. “But I have been sleeping pretty well in the last few weeks. I didn’t sleep well for a long time after that sting.”

Ha! I knew it was related to that episode! Folks, my mom was working in her garden this spring, and for Mother’s Day, she discovered she is violently allergic to yellow jackets. Yeah, happy freaking Mother’s Day, right? Shortly after, her annual physical showed elevated blood pressure. It stayed high for months, despite eating well, exercising daily (which she does anyway), and taking herbs that I sent to her. Much to her pride and relief, her doctor said she didn’t have to take medication just yet.

Mom used to always start phone conversations with, “Are you eating, are you sleeping?” I noticed the lack, but I figured she was starting to trust me to take care of myself. I think there was maybe a bit of denial there, too. “No symptoms, nothing is going on except my systolic is high.”

Insomnia can affect the nervous, metabolic, immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems, which cover every process in the body. If you aren’t getting proper sleep, your body is not functioning as it should. How long has it been since you got a good night’s sleep? Let me help! Whether through acupuncture, supplements, and/or better habits, you can stress less and get the rest you need!