Acupuncture Happy Hour

Not on Wednesday August 30, 2017, but the rest is business as usual!

EDIT April 15, 2015: We’re going to try this again, Wednesdays 6-7:30 in the front room of Balanced Oak Massage and Wellness .
EDIT February 25, 2015: The book store is closing April 1. I plan to continue my Wednesdays through March. I welcome any suggestions to continue in a new venue.

Lucky Dog Books in Oak Cliff has graciously agreed to host a weekly community session that I will be doing on Wednesdays, from 5:30-7. (Please park away from the front door, to accommodate bookstore customers who need to load in their trade materials.)

If you have never experienced acupuncture, if private sessions are too expensive, if I’ve told you that more frequent sessions would help, if you’re bad at making appointments, or if you just don’t want to cross the river, here’s your chance. The treatment is free (unless you should like to $upport me and the store, which we would appreciate). To deal with not being especially HIPAA compliant (as is the nature of a group session, but I will not share your details without your consent) and all the records I am supposed to keep on every patient, I am billing this as a demo, with a short history/liability waiver form.

If you don’t know anything about acupuncture or have a few preconceived notions, here’s a little about how it goes. I frequently see people about pain, women’s health, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, insomnia, and allergies. The form has a list and some blanks; let me know your top 3 concerns. You will fill out a form, sit in a chair, and I will choose the points based on the data in the form and what I have access to. Optimally, I can get from your elbows and knees out (you can use my hand sanitizer if your bare feet stink), but if you wear skinny pants or tights I may just work in your ears and arms. I swab your skin with alcohol and use sterile, single use needles. You might feel some discomfort as the pins go in, but if it hurts (there is a difference between noticing it’s there and it hurting), let me know and I’ll fix it. You sit quietly for a while. You don’t have to be still as a stone, and if we’re working on something like frozen shoulder, I may have you move it as you sit there. After a while, I’ll take the pins out. Or you can take them out, but it’s really best to say, “Hey, Laura, I think I’m done,” and then I can make sure to apply pressure if you’re bleeding (a drop, maybe) and get all the pins into my sharps container.

I am not needling through your clothes, and please don’t strip in the bookstore. (If you do want to change into shorts, the restrooms are in the hallway across the comic book alcove.) Even in a private session, if you need to disrobe, I will tell you and provide a drape sheet. That you get under, not lie on top of. As opposed to a private session, I will probably not have a lengthy conversation about your condition. Chances are, you don’t want that with an audience, anyway. I’m not providing music; it’s nice, but not an essential part of the treatment. Headphones are okay if you want to bring something to listen to. In my office, I have had people rocking out on the table, which is totally fine, but if you’re not alone, don’t sing. Thin walls, ya know?