It’s Valentine’s Day! Let’s talk about sex!

Cue Marvin Gaye, then Salt-N-Pepa, lol Now, I could go on all day about affirmative consent, getting tested, safe sex, it being a natural thing that doesn’t need to be shamed, but lots of other people have already said it, and I think you know the George Michael song! Please don’t get pervy and gross with me about this, ok?

Cardio isn’t really an acupuncture specialty of mine, but I’m just blogging in a timely manner about an essential wellness subject. Specifically, I want to call attention to how a good heart is essential for sex. I’m not just talking about love. Literally, good cardiovascular health is necessary for functioning genitalia. Think about all the blood vessels involved, right? Viagra was originally developed to be a cardiovascular drug (reducing high blood pressure and relieving chest pain, fortunately for the drug company, while it didn’t work for those, it had a highly marketable side effect).

No kidding, in first year Oriental Medical Theory, we learned there are guidelines limiting how often a man1 should have sex for optimal health. (Less often as they get older and/or health declines) Frequently listed in the patient recommendations for various conditions such as dizziness, low back pain, weak knees, and frequent urination, is to limit sexual activity. So, really, like weight, talking about sex can be a basic part of the intake interview, but people tend to either take it weird or try to make me uncomfortable, and it’s usually not worth the little diagnostic data. Centuries ago, for modesty’s sake, physicians used to treat women based on taking their pulse through a curtain, so there are plenty of other ways to gather information!

This post isn’t for new information, re: eat, drink, move, and sleep in proper quality and quantity.2  It does give another why, though. When you consider fitness, aesthetics, quality of muscle and blood vessel health, avoiding clots, strokes, and heart attacks, an added bonus is retaining sexual function.


1The lower energy center, or the dan tian in women contains the uterus, while in men it contains the “room of essence.” The correlate to too much sex for men is excessive childbirth in women, and the idea is that a person needs adequate recovery time, or their health will suffer.

2 Here’s a longer article than I felt like trying to get into for a valentine’s day joke. It’s not bad reading, a light refresher if you’ve studied wellness according to east-asian tradition, and well linked to send you down the rabbit hole if you havent. 

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