In preparation for the new year

Even if you’re not about to give up, this is a good self care article. Sometimes the obvious escapes us. I once had a therapy session that started out with how I’m not eating and sleeping well, went over a bunch of dumb overwhelming problems I was having, and the therapist asked me what would be a good first step and sign of things improving. “Beats the hell out of me,” I said. “So about that eating and sleeping…” “Well, shit.” And that is why I mention it to almost every single one of you!

As I type, it is after 2pm, and I’ve only had two cups of water. Not good. I’m going to do better. I have a new calendar that I’ve already started using (that includes a daily section for how much water and exercise), and I have a resolution of checking the internet less for stupid stuff.

Be safe, y’all. Drink water between alcoholic drinks so you don’t dehydrate, and you’ll be less hungover the next day. If you aren’t staying out TOO late, public transportation around here is free from 6pm NYE to last ride.