And what’s new with you?

It is not a good year for blogging! Like my Facebook page; I’m much better at sharing articles or quick thoughts than writing actual posts. So. Some observations and some changes in offerings.

I’m changing up my pricing; instead of an hour each time, I’m offering a half hour a la carte. That might be acupuncture or cupping ($50), that might be electroacupuncture ($70). New patients are still an hour (more or less) appointment, and they are $120. For most people I do prefer you schedule an hour follow up ($90), not just for the price tag, but because then we have the flexibility to combine stuff. If I do cupping and electroacupuncture in an hour, that’s actually quite a bargain! But sometimes you just need something quick for that one pain that has been nagging at you, and we always tend to do the same points and not both front and back. Or maybe I usually loosen up the muscles with cupping before we do acupuncture, but you just got a massage. In that case, I don’t want to overcharge or waste your time.

I have tended to do cupping just on the back, for those knots and tension that everybody gets. Sometimes cupping is also good on joint inflammation and swelling. It has been a really good additional therapy on the legs for plantar fasciitis and Achilles’ tendon irritation. Facial cupping can be great for sinuses, and it also can have an anti-aging effect. If you wear makeup, you’re going to need a touch up afterwards, though, so do be prepared for that.