To mask or not to mask?

Masks are common in big Asian cities because it’s just not hygienic to go around breathing directly on each other in crowded spaces. A little coverage is better than nothing. (But it isn’t foolproof, so don’t let it make you get careless.) As much as we think we say it and don’t spray it, EVERYBODY sprays it to some degree. Have you managed to maintain six feet at the grocery store? I sure haven’t.

So even though it feels a little ridiculous, I am masking when I go out now. (Which is just for groceries, really.) And will likely do so when the office opens back up until testing and vaccination are actually attainable by people who aren’t unicorns. I’ve shown no symptoms but those of someone with Texas sized allergies and a messed up sleep schedule, but I am continuing to sing songs in my head as I wash my hands, washing them often, disinfecting high touch areas, trying not to touch my face, etc. Oh, and drinking enough water and getting enough movement and rest. It’s not that I am terrified of catching it, but on the off chance I’m a silent carrier, I don’t want to spread it. I think it’s just polite. There’s also the benefit of keeping pollen out of my nose, so win-win.

Neighbors can get masks or mask making kits from Harkensback here.…

You can make an easy no-sew mask out of a bandana and a couple of rubber bands/ponytail holders. (Fold to 1/4 width, thread through the bands, tuck the ends into each other so you have a rectangle of approximately 12 layers, though depending on the size of your face the layers won’t all be the same size. Voila. Mask.)

And of course, wash them after you’ve used them!