Cupping therapy in pop culture


I remember seeing this in the theater, elbowing my boyfriend and whispering, “I do that.” At 0:27, “Not that part, though.” Can anyone hook me up with that stuff? While cupping will not magically restore you from a gang-beating, it’s pretty great on tight muscles, pain and congestion.

Laura Yoo, Licensed Acupuncturist
Bishop Arts Wellness Center

A link from my sister and housecleaning

Go read this before the NYT starts requiring a password to access the archives:

“What if breast cancer in the United States has less to do with insurance or mammograms and more to do with contaminants in our water or air — or in certain plastic containers in our kitchens?” A leading question, for sure, but it is notable that puberty is happening earlier and earlier in girls, and there are more and more common chemicals that were not around 50 years ago. An easy thing you can do to reduce your exposure is check your food containers. Plastics of grades 3, 6, and 7, should be discarded if they are not labeled BPA-free. 1, 2, 4, and 5 are considered safer. Do not microwave food in plastic containers or put plastic in the dishwasher. Stop buying bottled water and start carrying a reusable water bottle. (Bottled water is an ecological nightmare, anyway. Get a filter if you don’t like the way water tastes from the faucet.)

And a note on more physical environmental concerns, I’m trying to do some serious housecleaning and decluttering. I was trying to cram too many boxes under my bed, and one of them stuck out a bit from the edge. Not enough to be visibly that bad, but the extra inch or two I had to twist to avoid it while getting out of bed made a difference! My SI joints have been much happier since I admitted those boxes don’t all fit and moved them around so the remaining ones are all the way under the bed.

product pitch: compression stockings

A tip for my retail working friends, and with holiday temp season upon us, there may be more of you!

You might think they look silly, but so do varicose veins, and so does your face when you’re wearing that end of the day grimace. Compression stockings now come in different styles and colors; they don’t have to be your old white nurse’s stockings. I know, I hate pantyhose, too. You still get some benefit with knee highs and thigh highs. I haven’t tried many brands, but I’ve found AmesWalker to have the best prices.

I discovered these when I worked retail; 8 hours on my feet on a concrete floor, Danskos or not, my feet, legs, and back killed me by the end of the shift. If I wore compression socks or hose, I was such a happier person. Your heart pumps blood out. Gravity tends to keep it there, pooled in your feet and calves. The pressure of the stockings with the movement of your legs really helps to keep circulation going. Where there is blockage there is pain! What do you have to lose?

alternative abdominals


My latest thing is hula hoop class, and it’s really fun! I had been looking for a good core workout, and this may fit the bill. I hate doing sit-ups like you don’t even know, though I did manage to complete the two hundred. A few months ago. And I don’t think I’ve done a sit-up since. Finding a wide open space has motivated me to go to the gym better than the elliptical, and an hour of hooping does work up a sweat!

If you suffer from headaches, one of a few things that could help is developing your core muscles. Also, if you get acne on the lower half of your face, have TMJ problems or back pain, notice if you find yourself adopting The Thinker pose. When your core muscles aren’t strong enough to hold you upright, you end up propping up you head in/on your hand. This puts a lot of pressure in your jaw, where it is not supposed to be. Holding any position for a long time is going to cause discomfort, but this one has a few telltale signs and is a really easy one to make into a bad habit.

Exercise is an essential habit to get into, anyway. Might as well make it fun.