alternative abdominals


My latest thing is hula hoop class, and it’s really fun! I had been looking for a good core workout, and this may fit the bill. I hate doing sit-ups like you don’t even know, though I did manage to complete the two hundred. A few months ago. And I don’t think I’ve done a sit-up since. Finding a wide open space has motivated me to go to the gym better than the elliptical, and an hour of hooping does work up a sweat!

If you suffer from headaches, one of a few things that could help is developing your core muscles. Also, if you get acne on the lower half of your face, have TMJ problems or back pain, notice if you find yourself adopting The Thinker pose. When your core muscles aren’t strong enough to hold you upright, you end up propping up you head in/on your hand. This puts a lot of pressure in your jaw, where it is not supposed to be. Holding any position for a long time is going to cause discomfort, but this one has a few telltale signs and is a really easy one to make into a bad habit.

Exercise is an essential habit to get into, anyway. Might as well make it fun.