Not exactly a secret,

but you may be surprised to hear I take cetirizine almost every day. I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. I drink beer. I got a flu shot. I consume dairy. I am absolutely not a vegetarian. Here’s the thing, though, I drink a lot of water, too. And I don’t eat a lot of dairy or meat.

People get these crazy ideas about folks in my business, and I’ll admit I do have colleagues who don’t eat meat, dairy, added sugar, inorganic produce, gluten, etc. But even these people eat more than salads and strawberries. (Somehow, this is always the response when people tell me they’re eating healthy. I just don’t get it.) And pretty much everyone I know is just as happy to drink too much wine as to detox and do yoga all weekend.

So what I’m getting at here, is we’re here to make you feel better, not to judge. Be realistic. Be honest. And if you diverge from the path you’ve set to your goals, you don’t have to beat yourself up about it. And it’s not our job to beat you up about it. Acknowledge, re-evaluate, and get back on the path. Or, a path, anyway.