You know how “it’s (always) a really bad allergy season this year?” This year, it actually is.

I’m pretty sure it’s been an unusually bad allergy season nearly every year since I graduated from acupuncture school, but this year, we can track it to a late winter. All the stuff that usually gradually fills in? Recovering from the snow and blooming all at once. I need to wash my car, what about you? That aside, what can be done?

Wash, wash, wash! You can see it on your car, maybe not so much on yourself. Pollen is clinging to your hair, your clothes, your dog! Give the pooch an extra rinse. Bathe when you come inside for the day; at least don’t go to bed without rinsing off.

Use a neti pot! “Oh, I use saline spray.” That’s great. Now, go out to your pollen covered car, squirt a mist on one side, and run water on the other side. The mist didn’t get pollen off of it as well as a generous stream of water? Go figure. (Use a neti pot.)

Vacuum regularly. Ideally, the vacuuming and dusting should be done by the least allergic person in the house. More importantly, it should be done.

Have you changed your central air filter lately? Might be worth the few extra bucks to get a filter with a smaller particle size.

I do all of this and take cetirizine every day. Do I stick needles in myself to open my nose and take herbs to soothe my eyes? Absolutely. My allergies require comprehensive therapy. If an antihistamine every day keeps you perfectly comfortable, I’m jealous. If it doesn’t, let’s see what we can do.

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