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(Where I admit I can’t fix everything.)

When I first started my practice over a decade ago, devices weren’t that common, and people still used computers and mice. I saw an awful lot of carpal tunnel, and I was really good with it.

Times change. Most everybody now has a screen to carry around; people look down and scroll with their thumbs all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading on a screen. It’s easier to carry than a heavy book, and you don’t have the problem of the margins being too narrow when the book has too many pages. However, there were drafting tables and book stands when I was in college. My parents nagged me about my posture all the time when I was a kid.

Tech-neck is actually a thing. In our office, I think it is better served by chiropractic, though I have worked on it, too. Like with most things, prevention is valuable, so take breaks, hold/angle/prop-up your screens so you aren’t looking down all the time, and stretch your neck and back frequently.

Did your acupuncturist fix the pain at the base of your thumb? If so, I want to meet her! I myself am rocking the brace and/or a patch more often than not these days. Carpal tunnel is a LOT easier to work with. When you blow a joint, you have to stop using it so much. DO YOU KNOW HOW OFTEN WE USE OUR THUMBS? And we’re wasting the use of this precious joint on screens?!? I am a big believer of “make it worth it.” Blow your diet on something you’re not supposed to? Savor it. Make it the best cheeseburger you ever tasted in your life. Back felt great until a day of golf? I will tell you when you’re in my office again, I hope you had a great time! This one is stupid, and I can tell you because I have it. So get yourself a keyboard for your tablet, change up your typing fingers frequently instead of staying on your thumbs, and, this is crazy, but, maybe actually call someone once in a while.

I have an induction (or C section) scheduled tomorrow. Can you make my baby come?

Probably not, and while I sympathize, I’m not excited about scheduling an appointment with you. If it’s a C section you want to avoid, you may need help that I am unqualified to provide. And if it’s an induction, chances are very good that you’re going to go into labor anyway, forget to cancel, and then I could have actually helped someone in that hour I set aside for you. Tomorrow is too soon. If you want to try acupressure, Debra Betts’ website is a great resource. You can download a free booklet, order a DVD, or get an app with the points that might help.


I’ll see you if you’ve got close to a week, but the best time for acupuncture to influence/optimize labor is starting around week 36-37. Please bear in mind that the baby is going to do what it is going to do. We are not working on the baby. We are not turning the baby, we are not inducing the baby. We are working on Mom to provide the best environment, so, for example, if baby needs to turn, we are encouraging Mom’s body to make space for that to happen. When it’s approaching time for baby to come meet the world, we support Mom’s body in having the strength and circulation needed for that. Unfortunately, we can’t make baby do anything. (Get used to that, sorry!)