Cupping therapy in pop culture


I remember seeing this in the theater, elbowing my boyfriend and whispering, “I do that.” At 0:27, “Not that part, though.” Can anyone hook me up with that stuff? While cupping will not magically restore you from a gang-beating, it’s pretty great on tight muscles, pain and congestion.

Laura Yoo, Licensed Acupuncturist
Bishop Arts Wellness Center

Use it or lose it?


If you’re wondering how to use the rest of your flex-med account, now’s a great time to try acupuncture! Whether you wonder if you could reduce your medication intake, need some relief, or just want to relax a bit from the end-of-year madness, why not see if I can help? Call for your appointment soon!


In other news, I’m updating for the first time in several months. I remembered my word press password! Unfortunately, I don’t remember my hosting password, so I can’t implement the cool plug-ins just yet. Construction still looks daunting, but the intersections are clear! I think the worst is over on that front; as a matter of fact, I see someone parked on the street in front of my building, and it’s not a backhoe! Yaaay!!!

Parking fallout from Bishop Ave. upgrades


Yeah, it’s a little wiggy. As of now, it is not immediately apparent, but the lot in back is still accessible. You should be able to skirt around the half-barrier at Madison and Canty to get to our parking lot (from Canty, on the right). There is a back door with steps, and the sidewalk around the building should be traversible by wheelchair.

Do not count on street parking on Bishop for quite a while. Actually, avoid Bishop from Neely and northward for a while if you can. It’s a mess. Updates as I get ’em. Thanks for your patience!

How does 2:30 feel to you?

This post brings up some good points. I’ve used 5 Hour Energy before, and I think for what it is, it’s not a terrible product. However, the commercials drive me nuts.

If you feel tired after lunch every single day, it’s not that you’re lacking the ingredients of a branded product. Maybe you’re lacking sleep, in which case, no wonder you’re tired. If you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night, why are you tired? Maybe you have sleep apnea. Maybe you don’t realize your dog is waking you up every 15 minutes. If you feel incredibly drained after you eat, maybe you have metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a condition characterized by disturbed glucose and insulin metabolism, central obesity, and hypertension. Unchecked, it may lead to cognitive decline, heart disease, depression, cancer and diabetes. Tiredness after lunch is a very common symptom of insulin resistance. Other metabolic symptoms include insomnia, moodiness, inability to focus, cravings, body pains, disproportionately large waistline, and difficulty losing weight. How do you get it? Unlucky genes, sedentary lifestyle, and overconsumption of refined carbs. How do you get rid of it? Losing weight is easy to say and hard to do. It does get easier once you get started moving and eating greener and cleaner. If you have metabolic syndrome, the product you should be taking every day isn’t a stimulant, but something to help you moderate your blood sugar. I can help you with this; I’m focused on your health, not just needles.

Every so often, yes, you have a social evening and have to be at work very early the next day. Kids or storms keep you up. You’re trying to work out again. You’re stuck in really boring meetings. Believe me, I understand the need for an occasional pick-me-up! However, if you’re buying them by the case, you may be doing your health a great disservice. This is your body’s “check engine” light. Are you going to get the problem sorted out, or are you going to continue down the highway and really hope you don’t break down?

Charity consultations

One of my resolutions for 2011 is to give reasonably. If you’re anything like me, you have about 20 emails and phone calls a day from various causes and friends for causes asking for your support. Definitely more than my budget can afford.

Another problem I have is people flaking on their consultation appointments. Sometimes when an appointment is for a free service, people don’t feel the need to call and inform the person waiting that they’re not coming. However, as a consumer myself, I don’t like the idea of having to pay a lot before I establish trust of my care provider. I figure you should at least get the chance to meet me in person.

So here’s my idea for combining two solutions. Each new patient appointment will be reserved with a deposit of $20, either by paypal or by credit card over the phone. As soon as said patient is seen, he or she will have three options, consisting of an immediate refund, applying the deposit to treatment, or having it go to the non-profit of the month.

January/February consults go to Resource Center Dallas. Got a pet cause? Send me a referral!

What if you only got one?

When the “check engine” light lights up on your dashboard, what do you do? Do you call your mechanic? Do you at least check your oil and gas cap the next time you park your car? Do you just hope it’ll pass? Do you put off calling your mechanic until you’re stranded on the side of the road?

What if you only got one car in your lifetime? Would that change your response?

Symptoms show up when your body is malfunctioning. There are no normal symptoms. There are no normal headaches, PMS, cramps, insomnia, tiredness, or pains. They may be quite common, but they are not a sign of health. Health and wellness are not lack of disease; they are optimal function.

Symptoms are your body’s “check engine” light. How long have you been living with them? How many weeks would you drive with lights on in your dashboard? How do those two time spans compare? Don’t you think your body deserves the same or more respect? I would love to find out if I can help you! Let’s schedule a risk-free estimate. I promise not to charge you the girl tax.

wellness care

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” –Thomas Edison

How can I interest you in your care? Are you interested in caring for yourself or having someone else fix you when it hurts? Discuss.

More ways to keep in touch

Bizzy is a new tool I’m using to communicate with my patients. Sign up and add Bishop Acupuncture!

Also, I’ll be presenting at the Oak Cliff Chamber’s Insider Tips series next month. Bring your lunch on April 14th for a Q&A with yours truly.

You know how “it’s (always) a really bad allergy season this year?” This year, it actually is.

I’m pretty sure it’s been an unusually bad allergy season nearly every year since I graduated from acupuncture school, but this year, we can track it to a late winter. All the stuff that usually gradually fills in? Recovering from the snow and blooming all at once. I need to wash my car, what about you? That aside, what can be done?

Wash, wash, wash! You can see it on your car, maybe not so much on yourself. Pollen is clinging to your hair, your clothes, your dog! Give the pooch an extra rinse. Bathe when you come inside for the day; at least don’t go to bed without rinsing off.

Use a neti pot! “Oh, I use saline spray.” That’s great. Now, go out to your pollen covered car, squirt a mist on one side, and run water on the other side. The mist didn’t get pollen off of it as well as a generous stream of water? Go figure. (Use a neti pot.)

Vacuum regularly. Ideally, the vacuuming and dusting should be done by the least allergic person in the house. More importantly, it should be done.

Have you changed your central air filter lately? Might be worth the few extra bucks to get a filter with a smaller particle size.

I do all of this and take cetirizine every day. Do I stick needles in myself to open my nose and take herbs to soothe my eyes? Absolutely. My allergies require comprehensive therapy. If an antihistamine every day keeps you perfectly comfortable, I’m jealous. If it doesn’t, let’s see what we can do.

When do people get acupuncture?

I go to quite a few networking events, since I somehow find myself on the steering committee for the Oak Cliff Chamber’s Young Professionals group. One thing people have asked me a lot this year is, “When do people come to acupuncture?” You can chime in if you like, because this is my best guess.

People come to see me when

1) When they know I can treat what they’ve got. There are lots of things that I could find out about with a little research, but I don’t often think of them. Same for acupuncture. It has been found effective enough to be endorsed by the WHO for many different conditions, including all kinds of pain (arthritis, back, migraines, menstrual, sciatic, post operative, stomach, knees, neck…), depression, side effects of cancer treatment, allergies, colic, blood pressure regulation, morning sickness, and malposition of fetus, to name a few. It’d be worth a quick google search, or a phone or email inquiry to me to see if I can help you. I know I get written off by a lot of people “because I don’t have pain” who are not particularly happy nor healthy!

2) They know I’m here. I do a bit of advertising, mostly on the web. I go to networkers, and I do get referrals from satisfied clients and from colleagues. I’ve been practicing on Bishop Ave. since April of 2006, but without a huge storefront (and the accompanying huge rent), and with an esoteric service, becoming known is a challenge.

3) When it bothers them enough that they get over their hangups. I had this initially, too. When I didn’t know better, acupuncture was fringe, hocus pocus, expensive, and just too icky to consider. Eventually I hurt enough to get over the cost barrier and the anticipation of needles. (People’s finances are individual enough that I’m not going to get into that. If you don’t have wiggle room in your budget, you don’t have it. I am always trying to gauge interest for low cost community sessions, but I don’t have so much wiggle room, either. So that is going to have to wait on the demand curve. Let me know you want it!) For me, eventually the hope and then the outcome of relief was worth the money. The needles are usually not unpleasant, but sometimes they do sting for a moment. Not as bad as what was bothering me. Chances are, not as bad as what is bothering you.

As with any therapy, treating something mild is generally more effective than treating something chronic, so don’t wait too long!